Creating and Making for a better world

Creating and Making for a better world
Creare e Costruire per un mondo migliore

Friday, November 19, 2010

Increasing Stimuli vs. Reducing Noise

Most of us are used to do exciting, dangerous things to "get in touch with themselves". A friend of mine goes mountain biking on Himalayan paths which are so exposed that the smallest mistake would result in a hundred meter fall... Many other just speed on the car to "feel alive". True is that our society is flooding us with stimuli, a constant bombardment of what we should fear (financial crisis and wars...), what we should have (new gadgets, house, new car, a sexy partner...), how we should look (smart, young, fit, rich...). So, in order to feel our real self we have two choices:
  1. increasing the signals that we feed to our brain: louder, exciting, dangerous actions.
  2. reduce the noise: understanding that the stimuli coming from the society are mostly rubbish, silencing the society bombardment, stop believing that all that counts is that tiny increase or drop in that stock exchange index or stop getting excited for that new cool car or envy for our neighbour new bigger house.

I let you conclude by yourself which one is the healthy choice.

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